Analyzing a Model – Research Outline Assignment

Analyzing a Model – Research Outline Assignment

Understanding the Purpose and Structure
The information in the box is taken directly from the Assignment Brief on the Course Syllabus. Read it and answer the questions that follow.

Assignment: Students present a Research Outline for their Final Research Paper.
This plan includes:
• the thesis of the paper
• the areas which will be explored in support of the thesis, with details of the points to be made in each area
• counterarguments and rebuttals (these should be shown so that your tutor can give you feedback on your ideas. They will not affect your grade for the assignment).
• data from research sources (paraphrased or quoted and clearly cited) which a clear indication of where this will be used in the final paper

  1. Why do EWS professors want to see an outline of your research assignment?
  2. How many components do you need to submit?
  3. Complete the table below:

Assignment Stages Purpose / details
Supporting ideas
Data from research sources

Understanding the Marking Criteria

Look at the rubric for this assignment and answer the following questions.

  1. How many criteria are there?
  2. What are they called?
  3. How are they weighted?
  4. Highlight the words from the left-hand column in the table in 3.
  5. Detailed reading – review of how each component is assessed in an A grade.

    Analyzing a Model:
    Review the model provided. Complete the table.

Assignment Stages Details
Thesis Children’s television viewing time should be reduced and carefully monitored, or eliminated completely in the case of children under two, because of the possible behavior, attention and health effect.
Supporting Section 1

How many supporting ideas are there?
What sources are used?

How are the supporting ideas and sources connected?

Are the sources quoted or paraphrased?
Supporting Section 2
List the supporting ideas •

Sources Idea 1 & 3:

Idea 1 & 3:

Idea 2:

Idea 1


Source for Idea 1

Is the source paraphrased or directly quoted?
Idea 2


Sources for Idea 2

How many references are there?
How are they formatted?

How many of the sources are academic?

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