an individual assignment

Final assignment

The Unit is assessed 100% through an individual assignment.


You are required to write a 3,000 words essay. 3,000 words must include references (but not cover page). You are allowed do go 10% over or under 3,000 words. Please check the Blackboard for more information about how to structure and write an essay, and what is critical thinking. You are expected to engage with the management and organizations literature and be familiar with key theories in the field. Please make sure that you essay is DOUBLE spaced and that you use a 12-point font. 


1. Use scientific management to analyze management and shop floor practices at Amazon’s warehouses. 

2. Where scientific management fails to explain Amazon’s management practices, use other theories to analyze those practices further. 

Please note, this is one question that we have broken down into two points so that the key aspects of the question are clearer. 


Case study – We will not provide you with evidence on Amazon’s management practices. This is for you to research. 

Theories – In addition to Scientific management, you are required to show knowledge of at least other two theories we covered in the Unit (E.g.: company culture, Management structure, etc.). 


18 December 2019, 5pm

GSO will provide you with more info on how to submit closer to the deadline 

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