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Alpha Team’s Software System Upgrades

Alpha Team
September 28, 2019

PMAN 635, Fall 2019

Rory Daniels

Eyo Ephraim

Jason Hunrath

Bria James

Adriana Langa

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Alpha Team’s Software System Upgrades

Alpha Team’s Software System Upgrades 4

Purpose for the project 4

Project Scope Statement 5

Project objectives 5

Project requirements 6

Project risks 7

Milestone schedule (summary) 8

Budget (summary) 9

Criteria for project approval 10

Project Authority 11

Project manager and authority level 11

Project sponsor or customer and authority level 12

References 13

Alpha Team’s Software System Upgrades

Alpha Team is a digital media company of approximately 250 employees electing to upgrade the organizations existing Windows operating system and hardware to Macintosh operating system and hardware throughout the entire organization for overall organizational efficiency. Operating system and equipment upgrades will allow the Alpha Team’s technology and creativity to extend to the next level for overall organizational success. Performing this upgrade throughout the organization will result in achieving a number of business needs, objectives, and requirements that will be discussed further below. IT Upgrades, Inc. will be responsible for performing operating system upgrades throughout various phases of implementation for each member within the Alpha Team organization. The work will be completed in an effort to minimize extensive interruption to the organization’s day to day tasks and responsibilities.

Purpose for the project

Alpha Team is a digital media company, with recent job dissatisfaction among employees with the current software products and equipment installed has led to new developments for the improvement of our software and equipment systems. MacOS has been identified to be a robust digital product that will ensure workers commitment for better performance for desired deliverables within the organization. Malfunctioning of software applications will be enabled with products that are better suited and fit for the company’s digital trend within the market. A cost effective mechanism of managing a project is required in the organization to ensure efficiency. Efficiency is important and this software transition would enable organization progress towards the envisioned objective. Which is remaining a leader in the digital media market.

Remaining optimum at an operational level will be accelerated with software upgrades in the organization. The competitive advantage and organizational approach in the digital media market will be influenced by these software upgrades, thus, improving the technological needs of the organization. Once technology upgrades are accomplished in the organization, costs will be manageable. In cost, efficient operations, innovation in products and services can be carried out. Overall, the working environment will be improved, and improvements with business will be retained due to technology upgrades that make work easier. Alpha Team has decided to enlist the services of a seasoned technology company to install our new software and equipment, which can improve the day-to-day operations. This solution can be key for not only taking our organization to the next level but also increasing our competitive advantage within the marketplace.

Project Scope Statement

Recent increase in complications with Alpha Team’s system software has driven the need for upgrade. All current systems have been running on Windows formatted software for the past 10 plus years and have calculated countless errors, man hours to correct, and substantial losses to production and scheduled items. The MacOS software has had a history of success with minimal workforce adjustment after inception. Mac software, in simple terms, is a different file structure and operation in its entirety. Additionally, the organization’s internal growth has prompted a higher need for advanced security measures. Mac systems have a great reputation for maintaining virus free environments for its users.

Project objectives

The overall objective of this project is to improve creativity and efficiency throughout the organization through the upgrade of the Alpha Team’s software system and equipment. The individual objectives the Alpha Team upper management hopes to achieve are outlined below. Overall project success will be measured through successfully completing 5 of the 6 objectives that are outlined. Since projects that meet the scope, budget and schedule and still susceptible to being unsuccessful, the Alpha Team holds firm to the objectives outlined below being an absolute measure of project success. (PMI, 2017, p.35) It is IT Upgrades, Inc. goal to achieve 6 out of 6 of the objectives outlined.

  • Objective 1: Replace all team members existing Windows operating systems and hardware with the most current MacOS software and hardware.
  • Objective 2: Successfully replace all equipment with minimal impact on the Alpha Team’s operations.
  • Objective 3: Improve efficiency and creativity within the organization through the use of new programs and applications only offered with Mac operating systems.
  • Objective 4: Eliminate virus protection costs previously spent preventing viruses for PC equipment utilizing Windows operating system.
  • Objective 5: Achieve a 10% return on investment as a result of purchasing higher quality equipment intended to have a longer life cycle within the organization.
  • Objective 6: Achieve overall project completion and closeout by January 2021.

Project requirements

The full scope of the project is an operating system upgrade from Windows software to MAC OS software. All aspects of the project will focus on the operating system, compatible software and hardware. System compatibility is a requirement as it assumes the platform is ideal for this system upgrade. The benefits of the upgrade need to support a streamlined response to the desired needs of the company’s best interest and the employees resources and needs. The cost needs to be recoverable in the savings of billable man-hours and the simplicity of the user interface. Customer responses need not be hindered upon implementation and the phasing of orientation needs to maintain a slow inception and incorporation into daily operations. The ease of software training must be user friendly and be at a pace the supports ongoing day-to-day business needs.

  • Cost Analysis
  • Meets needs of employees and customers
  • Sustainable for future updates
  • Ease of future hardware upgrades
  • Implementation pace
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cost recoverable in specified time

Project risks

Risks are associated with every project regardless of scope or industry. IT Upgrades, Inc. has identified the following risks associated with the conversion from the Windows operating system to the Mac operating system project:

  • Decrease or loss of financial sponsorship from stakeholders and owner.
  • To mitigate this risk of the software system upgrade the company will prepare financial proposals for additional sponsors and donors.
  • Hardware and software can become unavailable from the selected vendor after the initial agreement is signed.
  • The company will review contract bids and select a primary and secondary contractor.
  • Software updates could begin before initial phase is complete.
  • Corruption and viruses can be an issue with software and specific compatibility with other necessary software may cause collisions and complications. The company will review the known compatibility issues prior to installation.
  • Team member leaves organization mid-project.
  • To mitigate the negative impact of a team member leaving the organization, the company will maintain open communication and all project documents centrally located. All team members will be knowledgeable of all phases and aspects of the software systems upgrade project.

Milestone Schedule

The duration of this operation is scheduled to be approximately 18 months from Award of work scope through close-out barring unforeseen circumstances that have been identified as potential risks, product lead times, product delivery delays, or owner changes that could impact the schedule. The Items listed below Identifies our tentative milestones for this operation through the end of the operation.

  • Operation Planning and Evaluating October 2019
  • Identify and Secure Competent Team November 2019
  • Long Lead Procurement January 2020
  • Operation Pricing and Awarding February 2020
  • Owner Award to Proceed May 2020
  • Data and Network Transfer June 2020
  • On-site Mobilization and Delivery September 2020
  • Financial Department Completion October 2020
  • IT Department Completion November 2020
  • Executive Department Completion December 2020
  • Project Evaluation January 2021
  • Closeouts February 2021

Certain items that are important to track but are not considered in the milestone such as inspections, trainings, quality assurance, quality control, etc. These crucial items are inserted through the on-going operation of the project and will be required that they are done in order to accept the end product.


To provide a very well detailed and transparent budget to the client, IT Upgrades, Inc. will build its budget by cost loading a comprehensive schedule that shows every line action that would take place on the project. The method that will be used to bill as well as measured amount of work completed is the EVM. This Earned Value Management (EVM) method gives clients, sponsors, and Project Managers not only a good understanding of how much work has been put in-place but also how much money has been spent to date. The total amount to complete this project from start to finish is estimated to be $3,760,000 with 40% of the amount being material purchase, software/network Purchase, and administration.

• Vendors Awarding/ Contract Committing $740,000

• Material Purchases $545,000

• Equipment Purchases $200,000

• Data/Network Transfers $200,000

• Mobilization and Deliveries $320,000

• Financial Department Completion $530,000

• IT Department Completion $530,000

• Executive Department Completion $530,000

• Project Evaluation $150,000

Items not identified in this Milestone are typically the bottom line items such as Insurance, Overhead and Profit (10%), Bonds, etc.

Criteria for project approval

To approve the operation of this project, an acceptance criterion needs to be established that include performance requirements and essential conditions, to qualify and accept a final output of a project to the user. For this specific project, the priority of the company performing this work is to provide a quality final product. Therefore, certain things must be done and checked off before final acceptance.

The first is inspection during the operation. Inspection will take place in different parts as well as stages of the project first being the purchased materials for the project, making sure the materials bought are in good shape and are inspected for any malfunctions or damages. The second is documentation, all the information of the purchases as well as important information that needs to be turned over to the end user is being procured in a systematic way and stored or kept until the close-out process begins. The third thing that will be included in the criteria for acceptance is certification of competence/ warranties. This is mainly to guarantee the end user the comfort and the confidence that the final product will work to the best of its potential. The warranty will have a standard length of 2 years that will cover repairs, replacements, as well as services.

Most of the inspections, pre-testing, and training will be done by a third party to eliminate bias or heuristic decisions, trainings on new software and materials will be done by the manufacture of those software and materials to provide direct uninterrupted information to the end users.

Project Authority

With such a large scale and complex project, the many difficult decisions that need to be made must vary by level of authority, which this section plans to establish. Alpha team has defined the project authority and tools to address potential project issues and obstacles. Additionally, the distinction between the project manager and project sponsor authority level will provide insight and responsibilities granted to either individual and each of their impacts on the progression of the project.

Project manager and authority level

Bria James will be the Project Manager from IT Upgrades, Inc. that is responsible for the overall success of the software and equipment upgrade project for Alpha Team. Ms. James has been in the Information Technology industry for over 10 years and has performed multiple software systems and equipment upgrade projects similar to the project outlined in this charter. Ms. James will have several Assistant Project Managers as well as Field Engineers working alongside to help achieve the overall goal of the project. Ms. James is responsible for consulting with the project sponsor for all financial decision-making, any decision that could potentially impact the overall project schedule, and final approval for the proposed phasing plan. However, decisions regarding vendor selection and contracts do not require project sponsor approval. It is the project management teams intent to closely monitor the schedule, budget, and processes affiliated with the execution of the project and quickly address any issues as they arise.

Project sponsor or customer and authority level

On the other hand, Adriana Langa will be the project sponsor. In this role Ms. Langa will be responsible for the coordination of obtaining needed materials, contracts, and tools for the system upgrade project for the organization. She will report to Project Manager Bria James to report changes, updates, and internal issues that may delay project milestones. Ms. Langa’s role will serve as an operations liaison; bridging the communication gap between the Project Manager, the contractors, and Alpha Team. Assessing implementation logistics and ensuring customer satisfaction allows the needs of Alpha Team through IT Upgrades, Inc to be addressed efficiently and effectively.

After an internal audit to determine ways to improve the functions and processes of the organization, representatives from Alpha Team made a request to implement system upgrades to address the aforementioned Windows operating system issues.


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