Agile philosophy of software engineering

1. List the key issues stressed by an agile philosophy of software engineering?

2. Describe the three key assumptions regarding software projects that every agile software process must address?

3. List the key attributes of an effective software terms?

4. Describe the five values held by XP teams?

5. What are the six steps for requirements engineering?

6. What are the benefits of using analysis patterns during the analysis modeling process?

7. Which UML(Unified modeling language) diagrams are useful in scenario based modeling?

8. List the types of models that might be used in requirements modeling and explain the role of each type of model?

9. What types of nouns resulting from a grammatical parse should be considered as potential analysis classes?

10. Describe the major component of CRC cards?

11. What are the steps needed to build a behavioral model?

12. Describe the contents of the web app content,functional,interaction and configuration models?

13. Describe the differences between the software engineering terms coupling and cohesion?

14. List three principles that should be applied when building any user interface?

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