AEE 521 Basic Applied Data Analysis

AEE 521
Basic Applied Data Analysis in Agricultural and Extension Education
Data Exercise 7 (Due on 11/14/19 at 6.00 pm)
Suppose Israa is interested in knowing whether any relationship exists between student’s
motivation towards mathematics and their score on mathematics assessment test. She is also
interested to know how much variation in math assessment test is explained by motivation
towards mathematics. Israa conducts a pilot study with high school students to examine her
assumption. Israa collected data on math motivation using five statements which were measured
on a five-point Likert scale and later Israa created an index of math motivation, which ranged
from 1 = low motivation to 5 = high motivation. Israa collected data on math assessment test
using a standardized test. Please consider the math motivation index as an interval variable. The
data from the study are available in the attached AEE521 Data Exercise 7.sav file.
Conduct the appropriate statistical test at  = .05 using SPSS. Please conduct descriptive
analysis, appropriate statistical assumption tests, and appropriate statistical test statistics analysis.
Please interpret the beta coefficient. When you are submitting the assignment, please provide a
write-up (should include a description of results, statistical assumptions, and interpretation of
findings), SPSS output, and SPSS syntax from your analysis. For the write-up, please follow the
appropriate format from your profession’s specific journal.

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