AEE 521 Basic Applied Data Analysis

AEE 521
Basic Applied Data Analysis in Agricultural and Extension Education
Data Exercise 6 (Due on 11/07/19 at 11.59 pm)
Suppose Abby is interested in knowing whether any relationship exist between amount of
caffeine consumed by graduate students and their stress level. Abby conduct a pilot study with
AEE 521 class students to examine her assumption. Abby collects data on how many cups of
coffee consumed by graduate students and their stress level on a 10-point scale.
Conduct the appropriate statistical test at  = .05 using SPSS. Please conduct descriptive
analysis, appropriate statistical assumption tests, and appropriate statistical test statistics analysis.
Please interpret the correlation coefficient. When you are submitting the assignment, please
provide write-up (should include description of results, statistical assumptions, and interpretation
of findings), SPSS output, and SPSS syntax from your analysis. For write-up, please follow
appropriate format from your profession’s specific journal.

Number of Cups of Coffee Stress Level
3 5
2 3
4 3
6 9
5 4
1 2
7 10
3 5
2 3
4 8

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