Advertising Media Plan

Important keyto success with this paper: Treat the creation of this plan as if you are researching and planning to meet with the client to suggest a new or improved advertising media plan for their business. You should be creating a plan that will increase their effectiveness and overall business success.

Advertising Media Plan

You will generate an advertising media plan in keeping with the needs, style and goals of the client described in the Advertising Media Plan Client document found in the Course Content/Course Guide/Assignment Instructions

Elements of your analysis should include:

  • Communication Objectives
  • Product cycle
  • Reach goals
  • Frequency goals
  • Communication matrix
  • Identification of all elements of advertising/media planning are currently in use.
    • Ex: commercials, social media, etc. – all the ways/places you see this entity’s public face.
  • A SWOT assessment – the SWOT analysis is an itemized list of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in bullet-point form. A SWOT template is required. A simple box table is not considered a creative SWOT layout. See info on templates below.
  • The narrative portion of the advertising media plan should take into consideration the plan itself, examples of the suggested new ad elements, the possible effectiveness of the new plan and specific discussion of the kinds of advertising being considered.
  • Generate a projection of media activities to address each factor based on the FACTORS column of table 13.2, (page 99)

Structure and Format

  • The paper should be 6–8 pages in length.
  • The paper is to be APA formatted. APA requires a title page, an abstract, paper content and a reference page(s). Proper APA requires the use of in-text citation for all directly referenced materials and source quotes.

The paper content length (6-8 pages) does not include the title page, abstract page or any reference pages.  Ex. A 6-page paper with title, abstract and one reference page would actually be 9-page document.

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