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Figure 1 below shows student sAdmission and registration Activity diagram.

Explanation and justification for the choice for activity diagrams.

The activity diagram captures the behaviors for the Admission and registration system for the west East Collage (Pressman, 2018). The activity diagram shows how student interact with the West East College admission/registration system. The activity diagram shows sequential steps student takes during Admission and registration. The activity diagrams capture all the steps student to register at the west East collage (Satzinger, ,Jackson, and Burd2016).



Satzinger, W, J ,Jackson,B,R and Burd ,D,S (2016).

System Analysis and Design in A changing World (8th Ed). Boston Course Technology.

Pressman, S (2018).Software Engineering.

Practitioner’s Approach (8thEd.). Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, McGraw-Hill.

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