you are required to watch the recorded

video of the event via the link provided by your instructor in your BB Learn course one week
after the event.

Your goal is to apply the relevance of the community issue (the importance of storytelling in
times of uncertainty and fear) to the concepts discussed in this class. In your reflection, discuss
the following questions: What was the community issue that was discussed at the event?
What are the various viewpoints and approaches to consider when discussing this issue? What
are some theories that we have discussed in this class that relate to the community issue? Did
you see any patterns or repeated themes between all three speakers at the event? If so, what were
those themes? Where do you see this community issue leading? What research could be done
to further analyze this issue? How do you see the issue progressing in the future?

limitations do you have with your group discussion and pursuing more information about the

Essays will be graded on your ability to address all of the points noted above, as well as adhering
to correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Although there is not a specific length
requirement, most students should be able to address the assignment requirements in 3-4 pages,
approximately 750 words.

link : https://youtu.be/4y-xSip0N74

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