According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory

  1. __ is the older name for the disorder in which physical symptoms, such as paralysis and blindness, have no medical cause.

a. Agoraphobia

b. Hysteria

c. Psychosis

d. General paresis

  1. If a patient with hysteria knowingly tries to stop his or her symptoms but could not, then the source of the problem must be _, according to Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer.

a. learned

b. conditioned

c. unconscious

d. biological

  1. Psychoanalysis is

a. a theory of development.

b. a theory of psychological disorders.

c. an approach for treating psychological disorders.

d. all of these.

  1. Dr. Wiener is a clinical psychologist, who believes that emotional events are sometimes kept out of conscious awareness but are exhibited in the guise of anxiety and other mental disorders. Therefore, he encourages his clients to talk about and understand their pasts in order to reduce these unwanted symptoms. Dr. Wiener’s type of therapy would be referred to as

a. psychoanalysis.

b. behavior modification.

c. client-centered therapy.

d. cognitive therapy.

  1. A central concept of psychoanalytic theory is the importance of __ as a basic motivation.

a. modeling

b. sexuality

c. curiosity

d. food

  1. According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, sexuality and reproduction meant

a. courtship and sexual intercourse.

b. childrearing.

c. protection of the female throughout pregnancy.

d. all of these.

  1. Freud used the term __ to refer to sexual energy.

a. phallic

b. latency

c. libido

d. ego

  1. Besides the sexual drive, what did Freud consider to be a second instinctual drive?

a. aggressive impulses

b. attachment to other humans

c. curiosity about the world

d. the production of language

  1. According to Freud, the major task of children’s socialization is to

a. overcome feelings of inferiority by compensating for one’s weaknesses.

b. control their sexual and aggressive drives by channeling them into socially acceptable behaviors.

c. become self-actualized by establishing an organismic valuing system for decision-making.

d. learn societal values through imitation and modeling of their parents.

  1. Freud proposed that as individuals mature they progress through the _ stages.

a. psychosocial

b. psychosexual

c. cognitive

d. identity status

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