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BUSINESS PLAN 201 – 201 (3 Years)

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BUSINESS PLAN 2014 – 2016



Summary 5

Company Ownership 6

Start-up Summary 6

Location and Facilities 7

Key Relationships 7

Services 7

Pricing and Profitability 8

Market Analysis Summary 8

Market Segmentation 9

Target Market Segment Strategy 10

Strategy and Implementation Summary 10

Marketing Strategy 10

Human Resources 11

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Hours of Operation 12

Lease Details 13

Competition 13

Competitive Advantages 13

SWOT Analysis 14

Sales Objectives 15

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……… is a 40 seat restaurant. It specializes in Indian cuisines and its menu offers a diverse range of specialties designed to accommodate different tastes of lovers of Indian cuisines.

The location is in need of a warm and friendly place with excellent food. A place where you always know you will get the best of everything. ……… will feature a cosy dining environment, comfortable furnishings and decor with soothing warm tones. It will be the perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat, for a drink or for a small business meeting. For extra comfort and to please a large group of people we will make up special platters for customers.

The restaurant will be open seven days a week. We will offer special theme nights to attract new customers to ………. The restaurant will be in a cosy atmosphere, warm colours, fresh flowers, soft music and amazing artwork from some of the most notable new artists. During the busy summer months we will offer a special summer menu, featuring lighter fare, exotic drinks, as well as non-alcoholic offerings.

The service will be relaxed, very friendly and correct. We will hire the best people available. We will provide training, motivation and we will encourage them, and thereby we will be able to retain the friendliest most efficient staff possible. Our management team is comprised of individuals whose backgrounds consist of many years experience in food, restaurant and hotel, catering, management, finance, marketing, art and motion pictures.

We will also provide catering service or Function arrangements to our customers. We feel in today’s hectic work schedule customers don’t always have time to set up that birthday party or other event that we all need and want. Now customers can leave it to pros and get the finest, most memorable party or dinner ever. We will have a large International menu for customers to select from, and we will offer full catering service providing everything from table settings to the dessert. We anticipate our total sales allocation to be 70% restaurant sales, 20% takeaway sale and 10% catering sales. The combined cost of sales will be 43% producing a gross profit of 57% on total sales. Most important to us is our financial success and we believe this will be achieved by offering high-quality service and excellent food with an interesting twist.


……… is a great place to eat, combining an intriguing atmosphere with excellent, interesting food. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount. We want to be the restaurant choice for all families and singles, young and old, male or female. Employee welfare will be equally important to our success. Everyone will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. We want our employees to feel a part of the success of ………. Happy employees make happy guests.

We will combine menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance, special theme nights and a friendly staff to create a sense of ‘place’ in order to reach our goal of overall value in the dining/entertainment experience. We want fair profits for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees.


………’s objective for the first three years of operation includes:

  • Keeping food cost low.
  • Keeping employee labour cost between 24-29% of revenue.
  • Stay as a small restaurant with excellent food and service.
  • Averaging sales between $400,000 to 450,000 per year.
  • Promote and expand to other suburbs.
  • Expand our marketing and advertising in other suburbs.

Keys to Success

  • The creation of a unique and innovative dining atmosphere will differentiate us from the competition. The restaurant will stand out from the other restaurants in the area because of the unique design and decor. We will offer a rememberable dining experience in a cosy atmosphere.
  • Product quality. Not only great food but great service and atmosphere.
  • The menu will appeal to a wide and varied clientele. It is International with an interesting twist.
  • We will have special theme nights like dance nights, local artist’s openings, Easter lunch and dinner, Christmas lunch and dinner, Labour Day weekend, special ethnic food nights, and different cultural nights. All this will attract a varied clientele to ……….
  • Provide catering service to clientele in the area.
  • Controlling costs at all times without exception.

A focus strategy on:

……… will embrace the following marketing activities and believes they will be a key component to its success.

  • Word-of-mouth and customer recommendations will be the most important promotional tool to encourage additional business.
  • Local advertising in local newspapers and in the yellow pages.
  • Local community businesses will be approached for joint promotions.
  • Attending local markets, night markets and cultural events as a stall holder providing authentic food.
  • Letter box drops of menus to the local community.

Key strengths of this opportunity include:

  • High quality authentic and traditional Indian Cuisine food.
  • An authentic and fully qualified cooks.
  • High quality customer service.
  • Owner’s personal involvement in all aspects of the business.
  • Ongoing word-of-mouth and customer recommendations
  • Competitive prices.
  • Catering service to local commercial and residential customers.
  • Attached to the Motel it will attract more customers.

……… wish to achieve a total of approximately $250,000 in sales revenue for the first twelve months of trading and a net profit of approximately $37,000.


……… will feature an outstanding Indian Cuisine menu in an upscale and cosy atmosphere. It will be given special emphasis throughout the operation. It will be our goal to provide service in a manner that exemplifies highly responsive and proactive customer service.

We will be open 7 days a week. Serving lunch Monday – Sunday 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. Dinner Monday – Sunday, between 5:30 pm to 02:00 am. We will be open on long holidays such as Labour Day weekend etc. These big weekends will bring many tourists to the area.

……… will be the perfect place when customers need that ‘little extra.’ They can have business meetings here, a place for a quiet conversation, or for a special occasion. We will make up special platters or full course meals for customers’ special occasions and special dietary requirements like Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Nuts free food will be consider on request.

Company Ownership

The restaurant started under ………, owned by …………… will function as the Manager of restaurant.

Start-up Summary

……… is leasing an existing Restaurant that has been trading for over 1 year, who is now looking to lease this restaurant due to family reasons. In the last financial year, current restaurant had good sales revenue and a good net profit.

The current restaurant currently offers customers different grill food as well as some authentic cuisine within a dinner menu. It operates 7 days a week and is open for a dinner service, as well as offering a takeaway service to customers.

……… will strive to provide a very unique and personal experience for customers making the ……… the restaurant of choice within the target market.

Current restaurant is fully equipped including full commercial kitchen, cool room, fitted bar and more. Just to give a new look it will need to be repainted and will need to be fitted with new furniture, so it won’t be huge cost to start this restaurant.

The following table outlines the funding requirement for this business.

Establishment cost (estimate)20,000
Marketing material and launch5,000
Stock (estimate)5,000
Rent deposit (estimate)2750
Bank establishment fees (estimate)500
Working capital5,000
Accounting, legal (estimate)2,000
Utilities connection i.e. phone, gas, electricity ( estimate)1,000
Total Investment Required:42250

Location and Facilities

……… is strategically placed within the busy commercial, residential and shopping area of Melbourne CBD. The “………” is situated in the heart of the city centre in a prime location (413 Mt. Alexandra Road, Ascot Vale), which is 5 km north-west of MelbourneVictoriaAustralia providing excellent exposure from all different directions and strong customer foot traffic.

The restaurant boasts a ground floor dining area for up to 30-40 customers and function room on level 1. Also has bathroom facilities and a fully functioning kitchen. New owner is updating the decor, fittings and furnishings in order to provide customers with a fresh, welcoming dining experience.

Key Relationships

The following table outlines the key relationships which will aid the ……… in its operations.

NameNature of Relationship
Current customersCurrent customers for the restaurant will continue to provide patronage. In order to cement the strong customer relationships which will help ………, owner and/or restaurant manager will be working in the restaurant and meeting all of the regular customers.

Various industry relationships
Owner and/or restaurant manager will utilise the current relationships that the current restaurant has within the industry for supplier arrangements as well as for potential business.

Restaurant will employee new cooks who are experienced to cook and Bake different variety of food and has formal qualification gained within Australia under AQF.

Pricing and Profitability

We anticipate our total sales allocation to be 70% restaurant sales, 20% takeaway sale and 10% catering sales. The combined cost of sales will be 33% producing a gross profit of 67% on total sales.

Prices will be competitive with other upscale restaurants in the area. However, it is the strategy of ……… to give a perception of higher value than its competitors, through its food, service and entertainment.

Market Analysis Summary

……… focuses on local and tourist restaurant seekers. People that have a desire for food and a fascinating atmosphere.

Ascot Vale is a suburb 5 km north-west of MelbourneVictoriaAustralia in the local government area of the City of Moonee Valley. According to the ABS (SA2) 2013, Ascot Vale had a population of 14,543.

Ascot Vale is bounded in the west by the Maribyrnong River, in the north by Maribyrnong and Ormond Roads, in the east by the Moonee Ponds Creek, and in the south by Lyons Road, Epsom Road to the railway line thence generally north-east to Moonee 

Ascot Vale railway station is located off Station Avenue on its east side and on The Crescent on its west side. It is on the Craigieburn railway line, part of the Melbourne suburban rail system. Trains take 10 minutes to get to the City Loop from Ascot Vale.

Tram route 57 runs along Epsom Road, Union Road and Maribyrnong Road, tram route 59 runs along Mount Alexander Road, and tram route 82 runs along Maribyrnong Road.

Market Segmentation

……… intends to cater to a wide group of people. We want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed in a cosy atmosphere with a wide and varied menu. It is our goal to have “something for everyone” everyday on our menu. In looking at our market analysis, we have defined the following groups as targeted segments. 

Students: There are some universities, TAFE and schools nearby and the students are looking by good quality food on competitive price, and we will have a special lunch menu to target these students with special discount.

The Business Man: They work hard all day and often stay overnight in a strange city. He needs a competent establishment that helps impress his clients and prospects. Afterward, they want to relax and use the money they are making. They are the people that spend the most on drinks, food and tips.

Happy Couples: The restaurant will have an intimate, romantic, sophisticated atmosphere that encourages people to bring dates and to have couples arrive. ……… wants to be a search place where people meet each other and develop a network. These young couples are generally very successful but balanced and won’t be spending as much on drinks.

The Family: The perfect place for a family Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Families will come for the accommodative menu and friendly service. The excellent value in their meals will keep ……… in favour with the parents. 

High-end Singles: We will attract them with our decor and layout. Our multi cuisine menu, striking artwork, and events, excellent service and engaging clientele will confirm the feeling of being in “the coolest place” in Wangaratta City.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Geographically the target market for ……… includes the suburb and on an average day, around 14 – 15,000 people use the Ascot Vale area.

Demographically, the target market includes the local residential and business community as well as visitors, backpackers, students and all individuals looking for a relaxed breakfast, lunch and dinner dining experience. The target market includes males and females of all ages including families, individuals and couples. ……… caters to any individual who enjoys good food within a comfortable, vibrant and modern venue.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Our strategy is simple; we intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment that appeals to a wide and varied group of successful people. We will focus on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in our community. Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding communities. We will direct all of our tactics and programs toward the goal of explaining who we are and what we do. We will keep our standards high and execute the concept so that word-of-mouth will be our main marketing force. 

We will create an appealing and entertaining environment with unbeatable quality at an exceptional price. An exciting and friendly restaurant, we will be the talk of the town. Therefore, the execution of our concept is the most critical element of our plan. All menu items are moderately priced for the area. While we are not striving to be the lowest-priced restaurant, we are aiming to be the value leader.

Marketing Strategy

……… will embrace the following marketing activities and believes they will be a key component to its success.

  • ……… launch under new management.
  • Menus will be placed in each area of Restaurant.
  • Word-of-mouth and customer recommendations will be the most important promotional tool for encouraging additional business; both through current and potential customers.
  • New management will consider creating a website for ……… with information regarding the business as well as the restaurant and bar menu and additional services to customers.
  • Local advertising in local newspapers and in the yellow pages. As this has not previously been undertaken this provides a large opportunity for ……… to obtain additional business.
  • Local community businesses will be approached for joint promotions.
  • Attending local markets and other cultural events as a stall holder
  • Letter box drops including a menu to all inner city residents targeting the large young professional individual living in the inner city. It is expected that there will be up to 10,000 menus delivered within a 2 km radius.

Human Resources

……… team will be represented by the following organisational chart. It is these staff members that will be instrumental in managing ……….


………’ s operations consist of the following:

Suburb locationFridge/freezer/
OH&SComputerMicrosoft office
Fully functioning kitchen1 x freezers 3 x FridgeDay to day business managementMulti function deviceMYOB
Bathroom facilities2 x gas cook topsResponsible service of alcohol
Landline phoneInvoicing and ordering software
Bar area2 Deep Fryers electricHygiene and health procedureMobile phone
LaundryConventional oven
Store roomTandoori Oven

Dish washer

Work Benches

Grill and Hot Plate


Cookware, Cutlery, Plates, Glasses etc.

Hours of Operation:

currently operates 7 days a week AS FOLLOWS:



MondayWill open soon







Lease Details

The current lease details for ……… are included below.

Rent$33000 Plus GST plus outgoings, per annum paid monthly.
Bond3 months rent in advance
TermsInitial term is for 3 years with view to extending an additional 5 years.


……… is located in the busy commercial, residential and shopping area of South Melbourne and there are a large number of authentic cuisine and other restaurants in the target market. However, there is no other restaurant that provides such an authentic dining experience in the Suburb area. ……… therefore has the unique advantage of having complete access to the target market.

Competitive Advantages

……… believes that it has the competitive advantages of:

  • High quality Multi cuisine food.
  • Highly qualified cooks
  • High quality customer service.
  • Owner’s personal involvement in all aspects of the business.
  • Proven successful business model and demand from customers.
  • Ongoing word-of-mouth and customer recommendations due to strong industry and customer relationships.
  • Competitive prices due to strong industry relationships.
  • Catering service to local commercial and residential customers.
  • Enhanced services including takeaway service available to all customers.

SWOT Analysis


High quality traditional and international food.
Highly qualified cooks High quality customer service Owner’s personal involvement in all aspects of the business Proven successful business model and demand from customers Ongoing word-of-mouth and customer recommendations due to strong industry and customer relationships Competitive prices due to strong industry relationships Catering service to local commercial and residential customers Enhanced services including a takeaway service available to all customers Owner’s professionalism and passion for business success Strong business values – ethical and honest.

Finding and keeping good quality staff

Demographics provide a large target market Opportunity to increase business through enhanced services No other strong competitors in the target market
Competitors seizing the same opportunity to better service the area General economic trends

Sales Objectives

Sales forecasts for the first year of trading represent an expected gross annual income of approximately 200,000 to 230,000 with an expected net profit of approximately $37k.

See attached cash flow projections for three years.


The following table represents the key milestones the ……… will aim to reach in the next 12 months of operation.

TasksTime Line
Business PlanAlready completed
Finalize fundingAlready completed
Finalize ……… LeaseAlready completed
Begin trading under new ownershipAlready started
……… renovationsAlready completed
Staff changesImmediate
……… new ownership launchAlready completed
Begin and ongoing marketing activities07/10/2015
Analysis of 6 months of trading30/03/2016
Analysis of 12 months of trading30/09/2016

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