A screencast about a viral

Submit: A screencast about a viral (or well known) political campaign ad. (2-3 min)

(This submission goes into a blog so that others can watch or read your post if they so choose. Otherwise it is the same as previous assignments.)

1. Find a YouTube clip of a current or old campaign ad that has been viewed extensively.

(You are welcome to find clips going back several decades - the concepts of political ads are the same even without social media - although it's probably easiest to stick to the last couple of election cycles.)

2. In your screen cast you should introduce the video and describe the political campaign ad.

3. Option 1: While playing and periodically stopping the video explain the elements of the video that made it go viral.

Option 2: Show screenshots of the video and explain why the images/words made the video go viral.

Option 3: If you found screencasting/narration difficult then provide the link for the video and write your description, specifically identifying key moments in the ad.

Please have at least 3 stopping/talking points during the video or the description along with your introduction. Try to focus on which words and images resonate and have the strongest emotional appeal.

4. Provide a link for your your video as you did in the previous screencast assignment . If you are writing your submission then just paste that in.

5. Include a works cited page in APA style as the last part of your screencast or paper (300-500 words.) 

I need a video, a pod cast || it a screen cast || it has to be a video

and to do the steps that are written || so you have to find a video

it is about the video that you will find on youtube  


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