a biotechnological Company

Celgene Corporation is a biotechnological Company that uses cutting-edge scientific technology to discover new treatments and was founded in 1986 by David Stirling and Sol Barer out of Summit, NJ. Since the inception of their company, they have grown to over 4,000 employees and as of 2015 the company’s net worth was marked at $9 billion dollars. The culture and exemplary teamwork makes this company committed to creating a unique platform for transforming patient outcomes, as they seek to treat and cure rare diseases. Celgene specializes in drugs that treat inflammatory diseases as well as developing cancer treatments. Celgene has a mission statement that is committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide and seeks to provide new and innovativelife-changing drugs (Celgene, 2019). ”

Gilead Sciences, Inc

” Gilead Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Foster City, CA by Michael L. Riordan. Since the start of the company, they have grown to almost 8,000 employees and as of 2016 had a gross revenue of $30.4 billion. Because of this substantial growth, the company was interesting to many investors and has since had a very positive outcome for their future earnings outlook. The company is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that looks to develope and commercialize innovative medicines in areas where medical needs are as yet unknown. The company’s products include investigational drugs that are used in treating HIV/AIDS patients, inflammatory & respiratory diseases, as well as cardiovascular conditions and liver diseases (Gilead, 2019). ”

Ratio Analysis
Earnings per Share of Common Stock (basic – common)
Current Ratio
Gross (Profit) Margin Percentage
Rate of Return (Net Profit Margin) on Sales
Inventory Turnover
Days’ Inventory Outstanding (DIO)
Accounts Receivable Turnover
Days’ Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Asset Turnover
Rate of Return on Total Assets (ROA)
Debt Ratio
Times Interest–Earned Ratio
Dividend Yield on Common Stock
Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity (ROE)

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