When considering a research question, we often write proposals arguing for a need for further research. Proposals serve to inform our audiences of the need, our purpose, a description of the project, the scope, and the outcome. For this class you will write a brief proposal for the topic for your final essay, with two goals: first, to help you better understand the research you want to do, and why; second, to help you plan how you intend to approach your research question, and the steps that will be necessary as you seek to answer it.

For your final essay you will determine a research question on a topic from your major that can be argued, and submit a proposal for the instructor’s approval. It is strongly recommended you avoid binary or polar topics, which can be characterized as “yes/no” and “for/against” simplifications of perspectives and positions. Same-sex marriage, climate change, euthanasia, the war on terrorism, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are just a few examples of such topics. You will only be allowed to write on topics which are commonly simplified to a binary or polar presentation if you can justify a unique or different approach or aspect of the topic, and these must be approved BEFORE you begin work on your final essay.

Goals and Expectations:

1 page minimum (no maximum) typed and single-spaced, with an appropriate heading and descriptive title.
An introduction that identifies your topic and your interest. Please also identify whether you will use the Classical or Rogerian models to organize your final essay. Without this information, your peers and I may not be able to provide effective feedback, due to the differences in organization.
At least one paragraph on
your project’s purpose
a description of what you plan to research
your main research question
a working main claim
A conclusion discussing the benefits for A. doing research and B. for making an argument about your topic
Clear use of MLA or APA documentation styles to document all ideas not your own.A final draft of your proposal must be included with your researched argument essay and in your writing portfolio.
read the uploaded dec to see the topic and which argument to use

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